How to Elope in Suffolk.

/ November 11, 2020

We’ve rolled into November under the dreaded shadow of covid-19 hoping and praying that we could just tip toe along gently, tweaking our plans here and there to achieve an end goal with something that resembles the celebration we had in mind all those months ago, then BANG! Lockdown hits for the second time, everything is halted, and the wedding industry is kicked back down once again. We’ve been left hanging, our hands are tied, our plans suspended or cancelled, our faith dashed, so what do we do? We think outside the box and make things happen!

You make the rules!

Up Yours Corona!!

Above all else there is still hope, there are still options for you to marry your loved one, and one of the options that is becoming increasingly popular and spontaneous with couples that just want to stick two fingers up at the whole situation and say up yours corona ! Is elopement. Heard about it? Still not sure? Read on.

How, What, Where & Who.

So what is an elopement?

An elopement is often referred to as a marriage conducted in secret in a hurried or sudden fashion by couples wishing to tie the not without consent from parents or guardians, and it literally means to run away and not come back! But today people see couples travelling somewhere to get married without inviting friends and family as a choice without the shock factor rather than a necessity.

In recent years and more so in recent months couples are opting to ditch all the usual wedding preparations for many reasons, and restrictions due to covid is right up there at the top of the list this year. Eloping with just the two of you and your celebrant takes away all the stress of difficult decisions such as which family members to invite and which ones to disappoint, avoiding family politics is a pretty hard task when planning a wedding.

As a celebrant in Suffolk I am not restricted by time, place or license and am free to conduct your ceremony at the place and time of your choice, but you would still need to give notice of intent with your local registrar at another time if you require the marriage to be legally bound as celebrants in the UK are not licensed to do so yet.

All you need is Love… and a celebrant!

How do we Elope?

If an elopement is something that appeals to you but you are unsure of how to go about it just think of it as a very scaled down wedding without the usual agenda and endless to do lists and plan in the same way.

You’ll want a place, this could be a destination abroad (once the travel restrictions are lifted), it could be your favourite place to be together such as the beach, the woods, beside a river or even in your own back garden. Imagine the romance of a ceremony under the stars on new years eve or beside a camp fire on a crisp December morning. We are so lucky to have such amazing beautiful spaces in the UK you wouldn’t need to search for long to find your your special place. One such place is the beautiful Rookery Meadow, an exclusive outdoor venue nestled in the Suffolk countryside, with acres of meadows and stunning scenery adorned with 400 year old Oak trees which would make the perfect backdrop to your elopement ceremony, before you retreat to your own private unique wood cabin set resting on the river bank.

Find your special place.

You’ll want an outfit, maybe a full on wedding gown and suit, something a little less grand or perhaps you are comfortable in your jeans and casual attire, there are no rules, no one to impress just yourselves to please, You may have a style or theme in mind for example the timeless romance of Boho. Bohemian weddings have been a popular choice for those looking for an unconventional romantic, enchanted feel inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits with a carefree outlook on life.

You will also need to decide if you are going on somewhere after the ceremony to celebrate, maybe an intimate meal for two, a romantic picnic or something including your chosen guests.

The romance of an intimate moment.

So whether you have a small intimate elopement or you opt to have a few more guests it really can be a romantic, intimate and meaningful day, one that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives together. A talking point for future generations who will be in awe of your choice and your ability to adapt during difficult, trying times.

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